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Pick your favourit t-shirt at The choice is difficult as we have so many different motives that cover all kinds of animals - domestic like dogs, cats, horses - or fantasy like different dinosaurs, unicorns - wild life like sharks, an elephant, a hippo. don´t forget to check out the collage t-shirts with whole herds of animals.
The Mountain t-shirts are now available in all sizes for children and adults from 4 years up to XXXL.
We don´t have all the t-shirts on stock. The webshop will reveal for you which t-shirts can be delivered right away. We have the possibility of stocking the other t-shirts, but in order to avoid too many conflicts over long delivery time, we are ready to take your wishes for the t-shirts we don´t have on stock right now. Once we´ve collected about 10 requests we´ll order the t-shirts from our supplier to the customers who badly desire to purchase a The Mountain t-shirt. Please, send us an email

The Mountain t-shirts are coloured and printed by hand in high quality with fantastic, imaginative and magnificent details in the motives. All colour used are organic and the printing are of water based ink, colouring the fabric fibres themselves and preserving an amazing softness, long durability and high quality even by rough use. The cotton of thread and fabric has been pre-washed and crimped, so the t-shirts stays in shape and keep their colour for a long time. Eco-tex 100 certified and completely free of chemicals and phthalates.

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